Tattoo Traditions of Polynesia
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Before Your Appointment

Guys, If it is in an area where you have a lot of body hair, shave 24 hours before. Don't worry about a clean shave-- a few hairs is ok. Above all, don't nick or cut yourself!

Try to get a good restful sleep on the night prior to your appointment. We don't want you exhausted. Don't party too much the night before. A few beers or a glass of wine is fine, but keep it to a minimum.

Eat something an hour or two before your appointment time. Don't come with a completely empty stomach. Protein is good. Don't eat a lot of sugars and avoid smoked or heavily processed meats like hot dogs, spam or sausage. Sodium nitrates and sugars can make you swell more. Eat something relatively healthy.

Wear something appropriate. Remember what part of your body we need access to. Darker colors are better. Don't wear something brand new & white, as we are likely to get some ink on it.

Pick up some vitamin E oil-- the pure sticky, gooey stuff. Don't get one that's runnny or cut with other oils. Longs, Rite-Aid, Save-On, all have pure vitamin e oil it in a small round bottle that is about $5.99 & is generally in with the hand lotions. You'll need this afterward.

And above all, RELAX! It will go fine!

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